Welcome to the Website of the Regina Archaeological Society

We are a Regina area based group dedicated to providing our members with the opportunity to learn about and participate in archaeological discoveries underway in Saskatchewan and around the world. We also take an active role in explaining archaeological principles to the general public. By this means we hope to provide the general public with an awareness of the importance of archaeology and to assist in the preservation of archaeological sites.

The RAS has two main categories of programs. One is to enable members to learn about archaeology and participate in archaeological activities. The second is to inform the public about archaeology and the importance of preserving our archaeological heritage.


History of the Regina Archaeological Society

The Regina Archaeological Society was originally formed to excavate Last Mountain House, a Hudson's Bay Company fur trade post. The post had been occupied for a period of time in the early 1870,s. In 1965 there was concern because the construction of a highway had barely missed the site. An adjacent gravel pit was also threatening to destroy the area. All that was visible at that time were a few mounds which turned out to be the remains of fire place chimneys. A depression turned out to be the remains of an ice house.

On most summer weekends for six years from 1965 to 1969 the members carefully excavated the site. The outlines of the foundations of buildings were located. Some 20,000 artifacts were cataloged.

The site has now been declared a Provincial Historic Site. It is located a few miles north of Lumsden, Saskatchewan on Number 20 Highway. Buildings have been constructed on the location to represent, as closely as possible, the actual situation that existed when the site was occupied.

The results of this project have been documented in a book Last Mountain House, A Hudson's Bay Company Outpost in the Qu'Appelle Valley by Olga Klimko and John Hodges.


Objectives of the Regina Archaeological Society 

  • to provide opportunities for people interested in archaeology to meet and share experiences 
  • to promote the preservation of Saskatchewan's archaeological heritage 
  • to encourage the use of archaeological methods 
  • to distribute archaeological information 
  • to advance archaeological education 


Importance of Archaeology  

Most of our country's past is recorded in archaeological sites rather than in documents. These sites are disappearing with dizzying speed as developments and natural erosion change the landscape.

"The past is the key to our future"

-Louis Leakey

Every site lost is a lost page of history.

Knowledge of our past is important for several reasons.

Firstly the cultures of the world now and in the past have been shaped by the common characteristics of mankind. This is considered by some archaeologists to be "cross cultural universality". Studying past cultures can help us generally to understand why other people do the things they do and thus enable the groups within our communities to get along better and to understand why the peoples of other countries do the things they do.

Secondly, knowledge of what has happened in the past may help us understand what is happening to us now and to determine where we are headed. This may enable us to modify the future to our mutual benefit.

If you care about and want to conserve our heritage for future generations join the Regina Archaeological Society.